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Bulletin Highlights

Contents Include:  

EMTA Webinar Discussions
-Stalemate in Ukraine
-MENA Geopolitics and Reforms
-US and IMF Support of CAC Countries
-Peruvian Presidential Elections
-Misallocated Resources in Mexico
-Colombia as a Fallen Angel?
-ESG Issues in LatAm Corporate Debt
-Inflationary Concerns Faster than Expected 

Fixed Income Developments
-Compendium on NYS Bill
-CAC's Primer
-Belize Extends Consent Solicitation
-Province of BA Restructuring
-Province of Rioja Sued
-Suriname Creditors Trigger Termination 

FX and Currency Derivatives Updates
-For the Chilean Peso, Brazilian Reais, Indonesian Rupiah, Vietnamese Dong, Pakistani Rupee, African Currency markets and more 

CDS and Debt Volume Surveys 

Upcoming Events
-Summer Forum

New Member Update

Download Current Bulletin (2Q21)