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Bulletin Highlights

Contents Include:  

    -Flat Trading begins
    -Webinar on Restructuring

30th Annual Meeting Webinar (Dec. 1 and Dec. 2)

Suriname Uses Grace Period and Requests Payment Delay

    -Clean Pricing for Brady Bond

Coalition of Argentine Provincial Bondholders

South Africa Panel Signals Optimism

EM Arbitrations Reviewed

Turkish Central Bank Independence Urged at EMTA Webinar

FX and Currency Derivatives

Effect of US Elections on EM Discussed
    -In Hong Kong
    -In Singapore
    -In New York

ESG Reviewed at Corporate Bond Event

Lebanon, Weak Oil Prices Topics at MENA Panel

German PMs on EM

Upcoming Meetings
    -Brazilian Economic Outlook (12/8/20)
    -International Financial Architecture (12/18/20)
    -First Webinar in Chile (2/9/21-Tentative Date)

Second Quarter EM Debt Trading Results

Download Current Bulletin (4Q20)