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Bulletin Highlights

Contents Include:  

Argentina and Province of Buenos Aires - Restructuring Negotiations Proceed

EMTA Argentina Webinar - Parties Not Far Apart

EMTA Launches New Website

EMTA’s 30th Year - A Look Back

Argentina Restructuring and Flat Trading

Bondholders Prepare for Negotiations with the Province of Buenos Aires and Flat Trading

Province of Cordoba Bondholders Organize

Ecuador Flat Trading Commences

Flat Trading Recommended for Lebanon Bonds

Iran, Libya, Nicaragua, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Ukraine and Zimbabwe Sanctions

FX & Currency Derivatives
Kazakhstan’s Trading Hours, Affecting NDF
Philippine Markets
COVID19 Delays Changes for Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru NDFs
NDF Rate Fixings for Ghana, Kenya and Zambia
NDF Trading for Angola, Uganda Markets
Uruguay Terms Now Available

Prospects for Reform Progress in Post-Pandemic Brazil Reviewed on EMTA Webinar

Honoring the Legacy of William Ledward

EMTA Surveys

EMTA Forum in Dubai - Covid and Oil Pricing Double Whammy to MENA Exporters

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