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Bulletin Highlights

Contents Include:  

-Argentine Under Secretary Plessen Addresses BA Forum
-Suriname Reaches Restructuring Agreement
-Proposed NYS Legislation on Sovereign Bond Restructurings
-EM Corporates Battle Technical and Global Headwinds Despite Strong Fundamentals
-Geopolitics and Turkish Elections Reviewed in Frankfurt and Zurich
-Evolving Roles of IMF and China Addressed at Distressed Forum in Boston
-Miami Speakers Focus on Improving EM Sentiment
-Jury Out on Lula 3
-São Paulo Speakers Concerned on Fiscal Framework and Growth
-Egyptian and Saudi Outlooks Debated in Dubai
-Zambia and Ghana Restructurings Featured on SSA Panel
-Pragmatism vs Ideology in Petro’s Colombia
-Progress in Venezuela?
-Where Next on 1998 FX and Currency Option Definitions?
-Uzbek Soum NDF Update
-Upcoming Events
-EMTA Volume Survey

Bulletin (2Q23)