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Thank you for your interest in EMTA, the trade association for the Emerging Markets.

Login credentials (i.e., a username and password) are needed (i) to receive information about EMTA activities and events, (ii) to register for EMTA events and/or (iii) to access Member Only Content at (available only if you are currently affiliated with an EMTA Member organization in good standing). 

If you currently receive emails from EMTA, then you already have EMTA login credentials.

Please note that EMTA uses NetForum to manage event registrations and user information.

Your login credentials do not work or you have forgotten your password

Your username is the email address at which you receive EMTA mailings.

Reset Password

You wish to request EMTA login credentials

Please review the EMTA Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and request login credentials form the links at the bottom of that page.

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Managing your information

Frequently Asked Questions  

What is my username? Your username is the email address through which EMTA communicates with you.  If you have multiple email addresses, it is the one with which you originally requested credentials.

What is my password?  If you need to reset your password, please click HERE.

I have changed jobs/ I have a new email address.  How can I update my information?  If you would like to change your password, business address, employer, email address or other contact information, please click HERE.

My Information

I am an EMTA member.  Why can't I register for an event at the member rate? Your request for login credentials may not have been validated yet. Requests are validated within one business day.  Please be patient, you will receive a validation email shortly.

I am an EMTA member.  Why can't I access member content?  Your request for login credentials may not have been validated yet. Requests are validated within one business day.  If you  already hold login credentials and are unable to login to view Member Only Content on the EMTA website, please make sure that you are using your correct email address for the username.  If you are still unable to login, please reset your password.

What if I don't want to receive any emails but still want to use the website and/or register for events?  You can set your email preferences by following the links at the bottom of any EMTA announcement email sent through the Informz system.

I no longer wish to receive EMTA email announcements, use the EMTA website or register for EMTA events.  What if I want to be removed from all EMTA contact or have a different question that is not addressed here?  Please Contact Us with your request.

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