Special Seminar: Greece and the Rule of Law - March 30 EMTA Special Seminar: Greece and the Rule of Law (NYC) - March 30 Greece and the Rule of Law - March 30
EMTA Special Seminar: Greece and the Rule of Law (NYC) - March 30
Location: New York

Friday, March 30, 2012

360 Madison Avenue, 17th Floor
(on 45th St. between Madison and 5th Aves.)
New York 

12:00 noon -- 2:00 p.m.
Lunch will be served

The ongoing Greek debt exchange -- the largest sovereign bond default and restructuring in contemporary history -- comes on the heels of troubling precedents set by Argentina and Ecuador in recent years that have eroded the validity of contracts, laid bare weaknesses in enforcement provisions, and undermined the rule of law in sovereign international finance.  Moreover, what has happened in Greece will surely be relevant for the outcome of any additional sovereign debt restructurings that may take place elsewhere in Europe.  This seminar will bring together experts from various perspectives who will reflect on the implications and lessons learned from the case of Greece.

Arturo Porzecanski from American University will present a background paper, “From Buenos Aires to Athens: The Road to Perdition”, and moderate the presentations and subsequent discussion.

Other panelists and their topics include:

Diego Ferro (Partner and Portfolio Manager, Greylock Capital Management) Greece’s Unique Restructuring: The Dawn of a New Era?

Anna Gelpern (American University Washington College of Law and Georgetown Law)  Sovereign Debt circa 2012: Going to Pot or Going in Circles?

Lawrence Goodman (President, Center for Financial Stability) The Perils of Precedent: Threats to Sovereign Bond Markets

Robert Shapiro (Chair, Sonecon, and Co-Chair, American Task Force Argentina) The Costs of Disorderly Default - Lessons from Argentina

Gabriel Sterne (Economist, Exotix Ltd.)  Greece: Retrospective and Prospective

Additional Support Provided by Exotix Ltd.

Views expressed by panelists and presenters are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of EMTA or of any of its member firms. 

Attendance is US$50 for EMTA Members / US$495 for non-members / Credentialed Media is Complimentary.