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New Developments 2000

September 25, 2000

Draft Market Practices for Peru Brady Bonds.
All Comments to Aviva Werner by Friday, September 29, 2000.

EMTA 1999 Annual Report Now Available.  

August 28, 2000

EMTA Announces Multilateral Net Delivery Facility for Negative Accrued Period Claims.

August 23, 2000

Market Practice for Russia 2010 Bonds Now Available.  

Transfer Certificates for Transfers Between the Reg S and 144A Branches of Russia and Ecuador Bonds Now Available. 

August 22, 2000

Salomon Smith Barney, as a Co-Deal Manager for the Ecuador Exchange, Confirms to EMTA Allocations of the 2012 Bonds: With Respect to Elections Made to Receive 2012 Bonds in Lieu of 2030 Bonds, Eurobond and IE Holders will Receive 100% of the 2012 Bonds Requested; PDI Holders will Receive 62.9% of the 2012 Bonds Requested; and Par and Discount Holders will not Receive any 2012 Bonds Requested.

WI Trades of Ecuador Bonds Should Settle on August 28, 2000 with 5 Days of Accrued Interest from August 23, 2000 to August 28, 2000.

WI Trades of Russia Bonds Should Settle on August 30, 2000 with 150 days of Accrued Interest from March 31, 2000 to August 30, 2000.