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New Developments 2002

June 25, 2002

For Information Only, Notice from Legal Counsel Representing the Republic of Moldova. 

June 21, 2002

Revised Primer for Mexico VRR’s.  

June 20, 2002

Brady Bond Holiday Schedule for US Independence Day Holiday. 

June 18, 2002

Calculations for Payments on Mexico VRR’s, Series A, Announced. 

June 17, 2002

New Market Practices for Mexico USD Par Bond Trades and Their Related VRR’s.  

Clearing Systems Distribute Mexico VRR’s (Series B, C and D).

June 11, 2002

Financial Trade Associations Announce Broad Consensus on Market-Based Principles for Crisis Management and Sovereign Debt Restructuring. Click Here for Text of Joint Trade Association Letter.  

June 10, 2002

EMTA's Second Quarter Bulletin is Now Available in our Bulletin Section.  

Citibank Notice on Argentina's Discount and Par Bonds. 

June 06, 2002

For Information Only, EMTA has Posted a Notice Received from Legal Counsel to the Republic of Moldova. 

June 05, 2002

EMTA Annual Summer Forum in London to be Held on June 26, 2002. 

June 03, 2002

Mexico VRR Record Date of June 14 and Payment Date of July 1 Expected. Trades are ‘Ex-Dividend’ on June 12. Calculations for Payments on the VRR's will be Announced by the Fiscal Agent Shortly.