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New Developments 2000

June 26, 2000

The Fiscal Agent for Ecuador Discount Bonds Confirmed that 25% of Discount Bondholders have Voted to Release the Collateral for the August 28, 1999 Interest Payment. The Record and Payment Dates have not yet been Determined. EMTA has Contacted the Fiscal Agent and Ecuador's Counsel for Further Information.  

June 23, 2000

EMTA Distributes New Version of Standard Terms for Assignments of Loan Assets (and Related Market Practice Guide), Effective for all Trades Entered into on and after June 26, 2000.

BNP Luxembourg, the Fiscal Agent for Ivory Coast, has Announced that the New Record Date for the Remaining Portion of Interest Due on the PDI, Discount and Front-Loaded Interest Reduction Bonds will be July 7, 2000, with a Payment Date of July 17, 2000.

EMTA Announces Holiday Schedule for Brady Bond Trades.  

June 15, 2000

Calculations for Payments on Mexico Value Recovery Rights, Series A, Announced. Please click here for Citibank Notice and click here for Euroclear DACE Notice.  

EMTA Sponsors Working Group Meeting on Mexico Value Recovery Rights.